The X Stands for Expression

The first three characters of “RTCXpression” are my initials. My name is RT Cunningham. The X stands for “expression”, which is what this website is all about. My self-expression, that is.

This is the place where I publish information and opinions about a variety of subjects. Regardless of what subject I write about at any given time, I try to be as clear and concise as I possibly can. I don’t have a college degree in anything, so please don’t judge my lack of ability when it comes to getting my thoughts across. I’m just doing my best to express myself in writing.

About Me

Josie and RT Cunningham

Josie and RT Cunningham at a Wedding on April 15, 2012

I was born in 1960 and my wife was born in 1961. My older son was born in 1980 and my younger son was born in 1985. I’m a grandfather, courtesy of my older son and his wife. In the Philippines, I’m also a lolo of more than just my grandchildren.

I’m retired from regular employment and I live in the Philippines as an American citizen and expatriate, in an area of the world some people would call a writer’s paradise. I live in the suburbs of Olongapo City, on a hill at the end of a road.

Some people in the Philippines like to call me “kano”. The word is a slang and shortcut word for the Tagalog word for “American” and it originally referred to male Americans in the Philippines. These days, it’s used to describe all white, male foreigners, regardless of nationality (until the nationality is known). “Kana” is the feminine version of the word. It’s not an insult.

I’ve been addressed as “Joe” far more often by strangers, which isn’t an insult either. It’s how many Filipinos address foreigners they don’t know. They’re more likely to use “pare” if it’s a Filipino they don’t know.

The Things I Write About

Philippines satellite view - expression I try not to write about personal issues, but I will on occasion. I write about the Philippines, naturally, because it’s where I live. I usually write what comes to mind on any given day and my subjects fall in the categories I put in the navigation bar drop down menu for them.

I cut my programming teeth on the Commodore 64 in the 1980s, with BASIC 2.0 and assembly language, quickly moving on to the Commodore 128. I hacked some BBS software and ran a BBS on a C128D (with after-market hardware) until 1998, when I retired from the military. I used some of my learning and people skills at a later job, where I ended up as the manager of an IT department, mostly working with UNIX servers. I quit that job for medical reasons, but I would have quit eventually anyway. Programming is a hobby for me and it wasn’t fun when it became a job.

I don’t program much today – I usually write short scripts to carry out specific tasks. I spend much more time writing, or researching subjects to write about. Perhaps I’ll someday write a novel, but don’t count on it. I prefer nonfiction and technical writing.

It’s all about Expression

I have no trouble sharing my knowledge and expressing myself to some degree. The reason I continue writing, even when I think I have nothing to write about, is because I want to get better at expressing myself in writing. I have no problem expressing myself in any other medium.

I envy writers who are able to convey emotions and other expressions through the written word. It’s something I aspire to do, but I’m getting too old to learn new tricks. The middle-age years snuck up on me and I’ll probably be a senior citizen before I’m considered proficient in expressing myself in writing.

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